Idris Elba as Runner Seven

Evan Deaubl, or Runner Seven, is the head of Runners at Abel Township. Well respected by all the Runners, his calm, focus and compassion have helped mould a disparate group into an efficient team.

Tas’s Zombies Run Fancast

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    glad my ideas are seeding peoples heads :D
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    Aha, here it is! Saw this post before I met Runner 7 so yeah the suggestion was already planted before I heard 7’s...
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    Yeah, he is who I see running next to me… Flying above me….
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    yes yes yes yes yes headcanon accepted
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    Yeeeeeees! This fan cast will make it much more difficult to focus during missions with Runner Seven though…
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    THIS IS LITERALLY WHO I IMAGINED - or rather, Idris Elba combined with adult Virgil Hawkins with the GLORIOUS THREE FOOT...
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