Today all of my characters are at the local town rec program, dropping their kids off or volunteering. 

If you want to play, the opens are here: 





I am having a hardcore child-wanting.

The twins finding out that Aerys and Rhaella were brother and sister for the first time.



WHERE are they getting this stuff !!

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Much Bolton. Very flay.  Wow.

Much Bolton. Very flay. Wow.



is there anything worse than a/b/o fic

I can think of a hell of a lot of things worse than fics.

Someone give me love or targister headcanons.

I need an FC for Alannys Harlaw bc I’m sick of these women of Westeros gifsets never including the badass who is credited with raising Asha motherfuckin Greyjoy. Any suggestions?

Alannys has long white hair and thin skin. She once had a strong face, but has become frail and sickly.

Lindsay Duncan

Today’s mood: stannis showing up ten minutes late with starbucks

My grandma wrote my an actual PHYSICAL LETTER and mailed it to me

to tell me she’s on facebook now.